About EuDance

For many years, European Dance Association (EuDance) committes for cultural and artistic exchanges, strengthens multi-cultural harmony between Asia, Europe and the United States, creates platforms for artists and students and enhances intercultural relations.

The Association is a non-profit organization, has no political interests, and its goal is to reduce the differences between cultural and artistic competition between East and West, through various exchange activities. This facilitates members to understand better cultural differences better, define their own artistic positions and goals. EuDance consults individuals, associations or schools, which deal with classical or contemporary dance, choreographies or other dance projects.The task of EuDance is the search for new ideas and developing the future stars of the dance world. 

The chair of the association holds Sophia Li. Prof. Karl Musil, Honorary President and former ÖTR chairman, and Prof. Evelyn Téri, artistic director, are members of the international CID (Conseil Inter-national de la danse) of UNESCO.

Sophia Li
President NCCEA